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About Us

Businesses Synergies was founded in 2006 to plug a gaping hole in the market between the consultants that offer theory and those that deliver results through having hands on experience of actually running businesses and making them successful.

Our Chairman Mr Brian M Back, Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the IET, former University lecturer, multi award winning entrepreneur and business dragon can certainly testify that there is nothing to beat the hands on experience of running real businesses. After founding a niche technology business back in the early 90’s that is now part of a FTSE 250 company, he believes that he knows what takes to make a businesses successful.

Other team members include Phil Bremner, after 18 years in International banking he has returned to his passion as cartoonist and graphic designer.  This unusual background combination gives a unique ability to be able to produce marketing material based on extensive experience of both sides of the fence.  As Editor in Chief he also oversees the four monthly publications that Business Synergies produces - Containment News, Flood News, LPRA eNews and Wireless eNews.