Advertising Media

We specialise in the design and production of educational and promotional charts, posters, leaflets and similar subtle promotional material.Radio Data Networks Limited

History has shown that “in your face” advertising only works for products in established clearly defined market segments where the product concept is well understood and the market has already decided to use the technology but need to be persuaded to choose supplier A in preference to Z.

Subtle Advertising on the other hand is more appropriate to niche markets, where the market maker wants to establish a new way and /or to break with tradition. The barrier to market entry is usually ignorance, where in extreme cases the target market does not even know that they have an issue. The task therefore is two-fold, first to educate and then to suggest your solution to the problem.

Some of the most successful methods of subtle advertising include posters packed with useful facts and figures about your target industry sector. Below are just a few of the examples of posters we have produced for the Low Power Radio Association and Environmental Innovations.

                    Low Power Radio Facts & Figures Poster

                    Environmental Pollution Containment Facts Poster

                    Environmental Agency Emergency Contact Numbers

Contents can include:

  • Contact details of industry regulators
  • The URLs from which regulations can be downloaded
  • Conversion charts
  • Useful industry specific formula and constants
  • Summary of laws governing an industry
  • Contact details of trade bodies
  • Lists of international regulations

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