Information is the oxygen of the modern world, but these days it’s easy to feel suffocated by the overwhelming volume of news, making it a daunting task to filter the relevant from the static when trying to stay on top of the developments and changes in any market sector. Business Synergies can ease that burden, by editing and filtering this mountain of information into a single linked monthly e-mailed newsletter that contains the sector specific news that you, your staff and your clients need.  We publish a number of sector specific eNewsletters following a unique, tried and tested formula that overcomes the frustrations and criticisms of other eNewsletters. 


  • Clean and un-cluttered layout.
  • No blank boxes or jumbled text, everything opens instantly.
  • Fully compatible with all Mac OS Operating Systems and work seamlessly on iPhones and iPads.
  • 100% compatible Windows, Andropid and Blackberry Operating Systems.
  • Small files size typically 250Kb, ideal for portable devices.
  • Edited story summary with hyper-link to the full report.
  • Broad and un-biased editorial content.
  • Designed to educate and inform.

Business Synergies offers a complete service from eNews design, editorial,  delivery and e-mail database management if required (for your privacy we can deliver the finished publication for you to send to your own database).


  • News Gathering.
  • Compilation and Editoring.
  • Banner Design.
  • Content Vetting.
  • Compatibility Testing across platforms.
  • E-mail database management
  • Subscribe & un-subscribe address hosting 
  • Compilation and sourcing of new e-mail addresses.

For examples of eNewsletters please send an e-mail to phil@business-synergies.co.uk

Some of the current titles include:

Containment News

News concerning pollution incidents that arise from un-contained Spills and Firewater, currently sponsored by Environmental Innovations Limited www.environmental-innovations.biz .

Regular features include: The top UK and international pollution incidents; company prosecutions; changes in UK, European and international anti-pollution laws; stories that illustrate the true cost of pollution incidents once all the third party costs are taken into account; sewerage spills from combined sewer overflows (CSO); the financial disaster that follows an incident; the consequences  of the Enforcement Agencies to educate industry; stories that bring awareness of risks to  differing market sectors; and technology that can help prevent incidents from becoming  disasters, such as pollution containment valves.

LPRA eNews & Wireless eNews

News concerning the world of Short Range Devices (Low Power Radio), including RFID, remote controls, telemetry, telecommand, cordless audio, medical telemetry, wi-fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, AMR, smart sensors, lone worker systems, microwave, doppler radar and automotive radio keys. The LPRA eNews is sponsored by the Low Power Radio Association www.lpra.org

Regular features include: Legislation updates; changes to radio spectrum allocations; news following on-going debates; technology breakthroughs, news from LPRA members, enforcement actions taken against companies for spectrum violations, exhibition news and restricted news for LPRA Members. We also produce a lite version of LPRA eNews for non-members called Wireless eNews.

Flood News











News concerning flooding incidents and stories that arise from natural and man-made incidents. Currently sponsored by Environmental Innovations Limited www.environmental-innovations.biz .

Regular features include: The top UK and International flooding incidents; company prosecutions for flood related pollution; changes in UK, European and international  flood mitigation laws; stories that illustrate the true cost of flooding; the financial disaster that follows a flooding incident; the consequences of the failure in Environment Agencies to educate industry about the risk from flooding; and new technology that can help prevent incidents from becoming disasters, such storm water attenuation valves and catch ponds. The publication is endorsed by the UK's largest Flood Associations (please see below).